What to Expect

What to Expect at Southport Chiropractic

At Southport Chiropractic, we do our best to make you feel comfortable while in our practice. Read the following to learn more about what to expect when coming in for your appointments.

Your First Visit – Consultation and Examination

We encourage our new patients to fill out their intake paperwork in the comfort of their homes. When you first arrive in our office, you will be warmly welcomed by our front desk staff. You will then be brought into a private room for a consultation and comprehensive examination.

The examination includes orthopedic testing and a palpatory exam to test range of motion, as well as areas of pain and tenderness. Occasionally, we will recommend X-rays be taken. You can expect to be in the office for about a half hour for the examination.
Your Second Visit – Report of Findings
After we have had a chance to go over the results of your examination, we will have you come in for your results and first treatment. A two-visit process ensures that we have adequate time to study the examination findings and put together your personalized care plan. The second visit will last about 30 minutes; we will go over your X-rays and explain everything in advance. You will then receive your first treatment.
A Typical Visit to Southport Chiropractic
Many patients are concerned that every visit will be as long as the first two, but this is not the case. We take extra time on the first two visits to truly understand your condition and your health goals. Once a treatment plan has been established, you can expect to be here for around 15 minutes for a typical office visit.
Lunch and Learn Workshops
We have a number of different workshops available for those who are interested in taking their health to another level. Our Lunch and Learn Workshops are focused on topics such as nutrition, exercise, yoga, and much more. Please inquire with our front desk for additional details about our current workshops. 

We look forward to meeting you! Contact our Fairfield chiropractic office today! 
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