Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying

“The Southport Chiropractic doctors went over my X-rays with me in great detail, with easy to understand explanations. I learned of potential risks of which I had been unaware and so far, I’m finding the whole experience very beneficial.”

-Donald E.
“Hi Doc,
After shoveling a foot or more of snow, out here in the n.e. Poconos, my back feels fine. I’ve learned the correct way to shovel is to shovel one long strip down the length of the driveway, then push the snow across the width of the driveway, lifting the snow as little as possible, thus preventing my back from going out, and more importantly, preventing a possible heart attack, as I am 55, and though in good shape for my age, I’m not quite as strong, or in as good condition as I used to be in my 30s. I also due chiropractic exercises in bed regularly, laying on my back, and pulling my bent knees to the opposite shoulders. You are welcome to forward this email on, if you feel it would help some of your patients. “

–Jotuj Kamlani
“I have had back surgery and I was still suffering from leg pain from the sciatic nerve. I tried surgery, physical therapy, and stretching exercises and nothing worked. I saw the doctor and after a period of time I improved tremendously.”

“The medical doctors could give me no guarantee of full recovery of Bells Palsy. They said I just had to wait it out. I was tired of waiting. My face was sagging, my eye was watering, and I couldn’t go out in public. I had seen the doctor in the past so I called him. He made me no promises but in five days the paralysis was gone. It was no coincidence.”

-Paul G.
“I have recurring terrible pain from fibromyalgia. I have found chiropractic treatment to be very helpful. The pain will still come back from time to time but chiropractic is the only thing that works to end the episode quickly.”

-Terry B.
“I feel so much better since I’ve started seeing Dr. Brodows and Dr. Pinsky. I had been experiencing neck pain for over a year and taking Advil every 4 hours. If I didn’t, I knew it. Now I’ve been off all Advil for over 2 months. Their practice exudes a positive aura. My mental outlook has vastly improved too. The companion massage therapy services are also top notch. I wish I could afford one every day! Thanks so much for turning me around!”

-Hilary F.
“Lapsed on my wellness and returned to Southport Chiropractic with acute care needs and coupled with Bikram Yoga my body is aligning more each day. Thanks to the doctors I am now on a healthier course for the future and 50 is right around the corner!”

-Paul L.
“I have been coming here almost 15 years and found that I cannot function at optimal levels without a weekly adjustment. My first visits were for rehabilitation – i.e., I couldn’t stand up straight. Chiropractic cured that ‘disease’ within a month or two. For the past several years, I get my weekly adjustments to allow me a full exercise schedule. Periodically, I ‘fell off the wagon’ – it doesn’t work for me unless I am adjusted on a regular basis.”

-Richard D.
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