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Our team is always happy to answer your questions. Some of the questions we hear most often are answered below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chiropractic care a lifelong process?

No. At Southport Chiropractic, the focus is on relieving your pain and teaching you precautionary measures to prevent a recurrence. We provide relief care programs as well as wellness care programs for patients who wish to include chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle. The choice is yours.

“Periodic checkups and adjustments can keep you in great shape. Chiropractic wellness care is a part of a healthy and functional lifestyle.”
What should I expect on my first visit?

You can either fill out the necessary medical history paperwork online or in our office. When you walk in, our staff will warmly welcome you.

Our doctors will analyze your case history and diagnose your problem. Then they discuss the best plan for your needs before performing your first adjustment. First visits generally last about an hour.
Do you accept health insurance?

Yes. We work with a variety of health plans. Feel free to contact us to find out whether your plan is covered or not.

“Our staff works with you to get the maximum benefit from your health insurance plan.”
What is your fee structure?

Our services are cost-effective and affordable. We have financial plans that cater to all types of budgets.
Do you do anything other than adjustments?

We believe in holistic healing. Along with chiropractic techniques, we use a variety of adjunctive services, like massage therapy, physical therapy, nutritional tips, and exercises.

We also conduct workshops on a regular basis to educate people about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
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